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¡Salam y hola family!

Did you or your family immigrate to USA?

In collaboration with "Nuevayorkinos" instagram page, we are collecting stories of immigration.

We would like to know how and why you arrived here, and what were the dreams that led you to this moment. Please send us photos and stories of your families. Tell us about yourself, your parents, and journeys that took them here.

These stories will be shared on Disco Tehran and Nuevayorkinos instagram page leading to our event at "MoMA PS1" Instagram on October 28th.


  • 1) Please make a clear scan of your family photos.
  • 2) Attach a short text that identifies and tells the story of the people or places in the photos.
  • 3) Write a story (1-2 paragraphs max) and upload with your name.
  • If you have any questions please feel free to write to us: discotehran [at] gmail [dot] com